About Lazar

Lazar's first painting in 2013

Lazar began painting in 2012 at the age of 73. Since then, his works has garnered great acclaim around the world and has found a home on wall with masters such as Renoir.

The question I am asked most often is: "Why did I start painting so late in life? (I was at the time just 73 years young). It always makes me wonder about what in that question is more important: the *why* I started to paint or about my age being "late".

The second, is the easier one for me to answer: “ Love is open to all ages equally", and: “ It's never too late” . In all of us, sometimes very deeply, there is an unspoken talent for something and, everyone has the ability to grow it in their own time.

I have two short stories for this:

- At 71, I found in a store a very nice, portable Italian crafted easel. Inside, it had a set of paint and a few brushes, as well as a small canvas. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and so I bought it. At the time, I couldn’t say why I did it, but I was very happy to have it. At age of 72, in one of very quiet, sunny, early morning, I opened it, put a small canvas on it and painted my first ever landscape painting.

- At age of 73, in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, I walked into the art studio of a very young artist from Belgium, living in Mexico. I was very intrigued by his giant canvases and the bright, fresh colours of his art. I only walked in to see his works but ended up talking with the artist for 3 or 4 hours, about everything: art, life, our home countries, and our life stories. We never felt the difference in our age. His incredible smiling eyes, full of passion and love to what he does
make a strong impression on me. After our conversation, he invited me to come the next day. When I arrived he told me that he had prepared a place for me in his studio, an easel with
a canvas on it, brushes, paint and offered to try to paint anything I wish. This day absolutely changed my life and my attitude towards painting. It turned a new page for me and gave me a new passion for life. And life gave me an incredible present, - a new and dear friend!

The name of this very talented, very passionate artist and friend of mine - PETER TERRIN. Thank you very much, my Friend!

Painting for me is the gateway to the magical world of colours, alive, bright, warm. Each new work to me is a new door to these colours.

I rejoice at them and I want others to enjoy them with me.

I deeply believe that there are no people, who do not understand art. Everyone will have an opinion to like or not the painting they observe. And everyone will always try to imagine how this particular work will suite the atmosphere of their living space.

Lazar Klot